Goal: Eat healthy fats and decrease unhealthy fats.  Your fat intake is directly related to inflammation.

  • use coconut oil (unrefined) or peanut oil for high heat, or olive oil (extra virgin) for low heat cooking
  • make your own salad dressing with 2 part flax oil, 4 parts evol, and red wine or balsamic vinegar. (may add small amount of toasted sesame for flavor)
  • use source of omega-3 fats, including flax seed and oil (don’t heat flax), sardines, wild salmon and walnuts
  • use a daily supplement of 1-4 grams of high EPA/DHA fish oils purified to eliminate mercury, pesticides, etc.
  • use dry-roasted or raw nuts
  • eliminate deep fried and breaded fried food (french fries, chicken nuggets)
  • avoid all partially hydrogenated oils and trans fats by reading labels
  • decrease saturated fats (e.g. ice cream) try to limit foods that have more than 6-8 grams of fat per serving
  • choose low-fat ice creams, low or nonfat yogurt, and low or healthy fat salad dressings
  • choose leaner meats
  • avoid highly heated fats such as crispy bacon and french fries cooked in vats of oil


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