Water Works! Soda Doesn’t

Water, Water Everywhere.

We all know water is food for us, we are 60 percent water.  We rely on water to deliver nutrients through our bloodstream, flush out our wastes, lubricate our joints, form our saliva, and regulate our body temperature through sweating.

Soda makers would have you believe their bubbly beverage is the key to happiness and diet soda is all you need to stay slim, but healthcare professionals disagree.  Sugary drinks may cause as many as 180,00 deaths annually according to a study presented to the American Heart Association.  Research shows that drinks containing high fructose corn syrup cause arthritis in other wise healthy adults 20-30 years old.  Other studies show increased incidence of bronchitis in adults 20-55 years old who consume HFCS sweetened soft drink five or more times per week.  The same types of drinks have been linked to asthma in children and adolescents.  Even the weight loss benefits of diet soda are questionable. “Fundamentally, we have no convincing evidence that diet soda or artificial sweeteners are actually helpful for people trying to lose weight,” says David Katz, MD, the founding director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center.  It’s even possible diet soda contributes to weight gain.  In 2011, an American Diabetes Association study showed that waist circumference was 70 percent greater for diet soda drinker than non diet soda drinkers.

Source: “Intake of High-Fructose Corn Syrup Sweetened Soft Drinks, Fruit Drinks, and Apple Juice is Associated with Prevalent Arthritis in US Adults. L.R.DeChristopher et al., Nuto Diabetes 3/7/16

Source:  “The Water In You,” The USGS Water Science Schoot.



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