Exercise leads to BETTER SLEEP

Physical activities such as walking, biking, gardening, running and yoga were associated with better sleep habits in a new study.  However, activities such as household work and childcare were linked to poor sleep habits.

Physical activity is well associated with better sleep, but the new study looked as specific types of activities to see how they affect sleep quality.  Researches compared 10 types of activities to walking and to no activity.

Compared to no activity, all types of physical activity except household/child care were linked to a lower likelihood of insufficient sleep. Several activities were linked to better sleep compared  to walking alone: aerobics/calisthenics, biking, gardening, golf, running, weightlifting, and yoga/Pilates.  “Not only does this study show that those who get exercise simple by walking are more likely to have better sleep habits,  but these effects are even stronger for more purposeful activities such as running and yoga,” said lead researcher Michael Grandner, PhD.

Source: “Penn Study Maps the Types Of Physical Activity Associated with Better Sleep.” University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 6/4/15

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