Food · Nutrition

Minerals in Fresh Juices

Minerals found in foods are quite different from those found in supplemental mineral pills. Minerals are always combined with specific amino acids; sometimes with vitamins.

The process of bonding mineral to amino acid or mineral to vitamin is called “chelation.”  Chelated minerals are preferable to synthetic minerals because the body easily recognizes and uses minerals in chelated form. This is why a diet rich in easy to assimilate organic minerals will help ensure the body maintains all its important minerals in proper ratio.

The balanced, chelated minerals in fresh juices help keep the body’s energy level high; the nerves calm; and the muscles, heart, hair, teeth, bones, and nails strong. They also keep the blood clean and the blood pH ( its relative alkalinity or acidity) balanced. They do this by neutralizing acid and alkaline ash, waste products of human digestion and metabolism.


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