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Minerals in Fresh Juices

Minerals found in foods are quite different from those found in supplemental mineral pills. Minerals are always combined with specific amino acids; sometimes with vitamins. The process of bonding mineral to amino acid or mineral to vitamin is called “chelation.”  Chelated minerals are preferable to synthetic minerals because the body easily recognizes and uses minerals… Continue reading Minerals in Fresh Juices

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Endurance Booster – Beetroot juice

Beetroot juice appears to improve endurance and speed in male soccer players, according to a recent study.  Earlier research had shown benefits for other athletes, including swimmers and cyclists.  The players drank about 4.7 ounces of nitrate rich beetroot juice (providing about 800 milligrams of nitrates per day) or an equal amount of nitrate depleted… Continue reading Endurance Booster – Beetroot juice

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Magnesium & Vitamin B6 – Power Couple

Vitamin B6 (abundent in pistachios, tuna, turkey, chickpeas, and avocado) is known to help cells absorb magnesium ( a nutrient found in kale and other dark leafy greens, pumpkin seed, salmon, and soybeans). Multiple studies conducted on children with autism and ADHD showed that when children took magnesium and Vitamin B6 supplements together, they displayed… Continue reading Magnesium & Vitamin B6 – Power Couple

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Probiotics & Prebiotics – Power Couple

Prebiotics are naturally found in many foods, such as beans and lentils, flaxseed, whole grains, and bananas,  or they can be isolated from the plants and added to foods or supplements. Prebiotics stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial intestinal bacteria, known as probiotics, that are associated with health and well-being.  Some probiotic-containing foods are… Continue reading Probiotics & Prebiotics – Power Couple



The human body is a water machine, designed primarily to run on water and minerals. Every life giving and healing process that happens inside our body….happens with water.  The human body is made up of over 70% water. Our blood is more than 80%, our brain is over 75%, and the human liver is an… Continue reading Water